Information for the Stephens

23 Baker Avenue, Asheville, N.C. 28806

Here is information on the market in the 28806 zip code

Market Report for 28806 Zip Code

I wanted to share some market information with you prior to pricing. It looks like Asheville is still thriving and prices are still high. The above charts are interactive and you can follow the graph to see the actual numbers.

The average home price is still rising, with no slump there, as well as the price per square foot. I would have preferred to just pull homes built in the last 10 to 15 years to see the numbers but they don't have a choice for that in this program.

Closing prices are slightly down, by 1% from the asking price. Previous years were above 100% so be aware of this.

The number of buyers looking at home before an offer is in hand has dropped, which is no surprise since the number of buyers fell when interest rates started an upward trend.

We are still in a strong seller's market, with a low 1.3 months supply. So you are still in a good position. I did pull all homes that sold in the 28806 zip code, and almost all of them were 2-3 stories tall. With land being hard to find for builders, they are going up with small lots. This will help you with your single-floor home. Someone looking for a single-floor home will be happy to see your home come to market, and I really hope this will be a plus for you.

At some point in the next week please let me know how you would like to proceed with pricing.  I hope this helps you.

I will send you both an email from the MLS with the sales for the last few months so you can get a better idea. Also, I will send a list of what may be your competition, currently on the market.

Please call with any questions.