Can You Trust a Zestimate?

Can You Trust a Zestimate?

We’ve all seen the Zestimate. It’s Zillow’s estimation of your home’s worth. You can look your

home up on Zillow and see this number right now! But is it even accurate? Can you trust it,

especially in a market as volatile as this?


Zillow gets that estimation from an algorithm it’s developed that looks at many factors, including

the recent sale of homes in your area. And, to be honest, it’s gotten a LOT better over the last

few years, mainly as Zillow has amassed more and more data points on homes in every city.


But the reality is that Zillow’s estimation of your home’s worth is only as good as the data it has.

Yes, Zillow knows what other homes sold for in your neighborhood. It most likely knows the

square footage of your home, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. But does it know

that you recently updated your kitchen? Or that you just put on a new deck? Or that your roof

and furnace are only 2 years old? No, of course not!


And to further complicate things, Zillow has a harder time estimating value if you live in a

neighborhood with varying ages of homes. Old homes and new homes mixed together, or older

homes with newer additions, confuses the algorithm and muddies the waters.

Bottom Line…

The BEST way to get an accurate estimate of your home’s real market value is to

set up a quick appointment with a trusted real estate agent. I can take into account all the

updates and work you’ve put in, and get a real snapshot of your neighborhood and the current

market conditions to give you a MUCH more accurate picture of your home. Text me at 314-

555-1234 or just shoot me a message here on Facebook if you’d like to learn more about the

REAL value of your home!


The Zestimate®!! 😕 Yeah, that little number Zillow puts next to your house…what Zillow thinks

it’s worth. Can you trust it??


With home values SKYROCKETING over the last 3 years, it’s more important now than ever

before to understand the value of your most valuable asset! And Zillow makes it easy to see their

OPINION… but give me 90 seconds of your time to consider a different, more accurate approach!


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