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Single Family Homes

Average Sales Price-  over the last 5 years we can see that prices in our market have never really dropped. But you can see that right about mid 2020, right in the beginning of the pandemic, prices start to move up more quickly. This chart shows you just how the market went wild. As of this writing, homes are still moving up in price, but just not as rapidly.


The List to Sell Ratio tells you how to determine the average offer a home closes with, compared to what the asking price was.

Average Days on Market- The average days on market was much higher five years ago, but today has dropped. Because more people are competing for less homes, buyers know they have to jump quickly. Hover over the chart to see the numbers. 

We have continued to see the price per square foot move up each year. In the last 5 years we have seen the prices almost double. 

How many showings does it take to get an offer? 5 years ago it was just a few, but it has continued to rise to double digits over time. 

Hover over the chart to see the changes.

A Balanced Market? We are still in a seller's market. It is hard to determine how long it will take to get balanced. A 6 month supply of homes is considered to be balanced. Anything less is a seller's market and anything more is a buyer's market. Hover the chart to see where we are at any given time in the last 5 years.

The Market is leveling off a bit, is still low on inventory, and will stay as a seller's market a bit longer. It is anyones guess what is next, or when.

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