Fall Home Selling Checklist

Fall Home Selling Checklist

Curb Appeal

This is most likely the most important first impression of your home, and may determine whether potential buyers will want to make an appointment to see the inside of your home. So here are some tips for you.

  • It is getting to be that time again. Here in Western North Carolina, the leaves are just starting to fall a bit and the yard is filling up with brown leaves. When getting ready to sell in the fall, you will need to keep the yard fairly clean of leaves, and the gutters should be cleaned out regularly as well.
  • Sprucing up the landscape by keeping the grass mowed and the flower beds nice and weed-free during the sale will also be a plus. Trim bushes to make them tidy and well-shaped.
  • Make sure the entrance to your home is inviting. Clean off porches, and add some fall color with flowers in pots. Have a clean rug in front of the door to show you care about your floors.
  • If needed, power wash any exterior surfaces, so they look fresh and clean. And bring in your garbage cans.
  • Curb appeal is very important. If a buyer drives by your home prior to actually looking at it, they will most likely see your home’s exterior appearance as what the interior may also be like. If they find a nice, tidy yard, they will want to see the inside as well. And the more showings, the more likely you can get a nice price for your home.
  • Many buyers will drive by if it is possible. They are not only looking at your home, but the neighborhood as well. Make sure your home stands out as the best in the neighborhood.

Interior Tips

  • Show that you really care about your home. Make sure the floors are sparkling clean, carpets are professionally cleaned to remove spots, and tile grout is clean. Go the extra mile to clean all the HVAC vents and replace filters, and clean the baseboards.
  • Don’t forget to dust those blinds, and clean any curtains you have. And clean windows inside and out. Open all blinds and curtains for showing appointments, to make sure that buyers see a clean look into your yard.
  • Now is a good time to declutter. Go through your house and decide what you will take with you to a new home. If you do not intend to take it, get rid of it now. When it is time to pack, you will have less work, and less to pay for in the move. Many items you want to take with you can be packed now and stored in a garage or storage shed. Remember, buyers need to see the home and its offerings, not your items.
  • Kitchens are especially tough when you have limited space. You want the kitchen to have a feel of space and storage, but if your pantry is overflowing and cabinets are tightly packed, reduce items. Pack up things you don’t use very often, use up food in the pantry and wipe down shelves. This will help give a feeling of having more space.
  • Fix anything that is broken, touch up scuffs on walls, and make sure everything looks like it is in good shape.


Your backyard is just as important as the front of your home. Be sure the lawn is mowed, and the flower beds look great. Keep patios and walkways swept and clean. Create an inviting space, even in the fall and winter.

To Conclude

The better your home looks when buyers come through, the more confident they are when making an offer that things will be in good working order. If you need assistance in getting your home ready, give me a call for a walk-through, and we can put together a checklist of items to do that will make your home shine and get offers!


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